Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cinema Wasteland April 2015 Report

Twice a year I make my way to Strongsville, Ohio for the best convention on the planet... Cinema Wasteland! For quite some time my lovely wife, Martha Waltz has been my companion on the trip and it has been a great time. We started bringing some of our children, mainly our daughters and this year my youngest, Dan, would be making his first trip with us.
The things I was most excited about were meeting Peter Spellos and Jim Wynorski. I am sad if you don't know who that is. Go look them up ya uneducated goons!  Also the biggest panel of stars from George Romero's Dawn of the Dead would be in attendance. I had purchased a VHS copy of Munchie Strikes Back to have Peter and Jim sign. Yeah, I left that at home...bummer.
So, we get there and I was excited to see a movie first thing Friday at 5. MUTANTIS! I had no preconceived notions on how this was going to go and was so happy when I saw a great, laugh out loud horror comedy the likes of which I had never seen before. A great way to start the weekend.
Later there was a panel with adult film stars Long Jeanne Silver and Carter Stevens. I had purchased the big box VHS of her film to help get her there and it was already signed so I didn't feel it was necessary to have her sign it again. We picked up the one and only Henrique Couto's new film, Awkward Thanksgiving. It is always great to connect with Mr. Couto. Mike Watt and the lovely Amy Lynn Best premiered their new film, Razor Days. It reminded me of a revenge film made by Jess Franco. I assured Mike that this was a compliment coming from me.
The other film I was looking forward to was Bill Zebub's newest opus Holocaust Cannibal. I was doubly excited because Erin Brown a.k.a. Misty Mundae was going to be there.
Yeah, that didn't go so well. She had one event thing to do, introduce the movie, and she couldn't bother to wake up to do it. And when I talked to her she seemed a little...I don't know, off? Kind of a let down.
Peter Spellos, on the other hand, was awesome. We talked for quite some time and when Jim Wynorski arrived it was great! We talked about his stuff and I got a signed copy of Lost Empire. Peter signed a poster for me and I told them both that I left my VHS at home.
My son, Dan, has a web series called Dan VS. The Bus. His number one fan is Mike 'Gonzo' Specht and he was so excited to meet Dan.
A Ghastlee Ghoul's Nite At The Movies had me defending my title of 42 Questions with 42nd Street Pete. I even had a two point handicap and won by a landslide. Good times. Martha and the kids got prizes as well and all was good.
Ghastlee had been sick so I was glad to see him.
Dan was amazed at Saturday's Hardcore Wrestling Hour and I think that Toby Klein is his new hero.
My buddy Stew and his friend Dimitri also came down for the event and we decided to what we refer to as the Doormat pizza from Leonardo's. It is huge and fed all six of us. Maybe a little too well. Urf.
On Saturday we went to the Brew Kettle for lunch and Stew wanted to try a new beer they had. I had something called The Triple Pig. It was good but the meat to bread ratio was off. Too much bread for me.
I got every movie I wanted with the exception of Nathan Rumler's new flick The Chubbies. I tried to get one from him after the screening, but he was drunk and had lost his pants. Oh well.
The Day of the Dead panel was packed. So many great stories and I video taped the whole thing. As I am writing this at work I will add pictures and video links at a later date, but I think this might have been one of the best Cinema Wastelands in my years of going.
So much fun. 

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