Monday, April 20, 2015

EVIL BONG 420 (2015)

Tim Lucas once said that to understand a Jess Franco movie you need to watch all of Jess Franco's movies.
I agree with that statement and have been pursuing that dream for decades.
I think the same could be said for Charles Band.
The man knows how to create a franchise. With titles like Trancers of which there are six and Puppet Master which I believe is up to ten, Band knows what he is doing.
I had the good fortune of meeting Charles Band when he attended Cinema Wasteland last year. He announced his Full Moon Streaming and I was hooked. I also got him to sign my Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn poster for me.
See, I am one of the fortunate ones who remember the video store. Full Moon gave me a lot of fantastic product to wade through.
And they still do.
As for Evil Bong, I was first introduced to her from the mash up flick that I purchased at the convention; Gingerdead Man versus Evil Bong. I was already familiar with Gingerdead Man because he was voiced by Gary Busey and I am a huge Busey fan so, yes I watched them. My favorite is when he traveled back to the 70's, the era of roller disco in Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver.
Clever title.
When I got the streaming service I immediately went in and watched some favorites like Puppet Master and Trancers. And my real Full Moon Favorite; Doctor Mordrid.
Jeffrey Combs is the man!
Then I decided to make an effort and watched the first Evil Bong.
I liked it. Low brow pot humor. Tommy Chong. And, something I thought was one died. Sure, it looked like they did when they were sucked into the world of the Evil Bong, but at the end everyone is fine.
Next came Evil Bong 2: King Bong, which was also funny and kept the same string of characters. My favorite is always Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) who I fondly remembered from Trancers 2. He got killed in that one so, not sure how he survived, but he did and he's hilarious. Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong added the extra flavor of an Evil Bong from outer space.
These all work because they take place in limited spaces, either outside or in one or two sets. Keep the same actors from film to film and you have a formula. Especially, if people watching them like to smoke pot. I myself have not partaken in years, but I remember what it was like.
We throw in the aforementioned Gingerdead Man Versus Evil Bong and that brings us to the newest addition to the family;
Evil Bong 420.
Now, Rabbit has escaped from the Weed World and stole a ton of Evil Bong's special weed. He sells enough to buy a bowling alley and makes it a topless bowling alley. Of course he does,
God Bless Charles Band.
Rabbit has also invented a device called The Weed Blower that shoots thick, green clouds of primo weed that makes everyone happy and, if there are two girls standing next to each other, extremely horny.
Again, God Bless Charles Band.
Back in Weed World Evil Bong is pissed that Rabbit got away so she and Gingerdead Man make their way back to reality and the bowling alley to bring Rabbit back and let Gingerdead Man make with a little mayhem.
At a too brief running time Band manages to fill the screen with weed, boobs, references to other Full Moon films (I'm looking at you Ooga Booga) and leave us wanting for more.
There will be more, right?
There had better be more and who knows? With his streaming service Evil Bong could become a series. That would actually be pretty cool.
So, on this notorious day of 4/20 why not slip into the world of Evil Bong 420.
There are much worse ways to spend 53 minutes and this one is as funny as the rest.

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