Sunday, January 19, 2014


Directed by Lawrence Bassoff
Written by Lawrence Bassoff
Starring D.W. Brown, Peter Ellenstein, Patrick Houser, Chip McAllister, Phil Hartman & Hillary Sheperd

In case you aren't sure what the movie is about, the opening, annoying repetitive song tells you that four guys from basic training in the Navy are about to experience the LA of the 80's with a WEEKEND PASS. Paul, the comedian (D.W. Brown), Lester, the nerd (Peter Ellenstein), Webster, the blonde stud (Patrick Houser) and the brother from the other side of the tracks, Bunker Hill (Chip McAllister).
Like any good weekend pass we start at a strip club. This is a good thing since it is practically all the nudity we get in the film with an exception later in the picture. You expect partying and carousing and drinking and incredible antics? Yeah, so did I. This movie is pretty tame for a Crown International feature.
Like all good Crown International features we get a few montage musical numbers, the obligatory nudity I mentioned earlier and there is even a dance number.
Sort of.
Now, that I think of it there are like three dance numbers in the flick. This is a lot of dancing for a movie that is not about dancing or a musical. Weird.
In the end the boys all meet good girls, promise they will call them and then back on the boat when the movie is over.
Kind of dull.
The one shining spot is the comedy club scene. Paul is going to get his big shot onstage.
One problem.
He kinda sucks.
But, that's okay. The MC for the night, one Joe Chicago, is played by none other than Phil Hartman. He is funny as he always was, but it made me a little sad seeing him now that he's gone.
Overall, as a T&A comedy of the 80's I would have to give WEEKEND PASS...well, a pass.
Sorry, I knew that was bad before I wrote it. Couldn't help myself.
Maybe I'll go watch TOMBOY again.

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