Sunday, January 12, 2014


I didn't want to show you a movie poster of this one. It gives the illusion that the movie might be good.

Directed by George Mihalka
Written by Robert Geoffrian
Starring Winston Rekert, Karen Black, John Novak, Patty Talbot, Vlasta Vrana and Andrew Bednarski

Paul Sharpe (Winston Rekert) directs commercials. He did do a movie, The Wandering Soul, but that was his last film and it has been seven years. The basic premise of his film was that of Astral Projection. He really likes Astral Projection and runs into a woman, Janus (Karen Black) who shows him how easy it is. The opening of the film is actually him travelling to his father in law's house where he upsets the dog.  His son, Matthew (Andrew Bednarski) wakes him from the state before anything...interesting occurs.
The rest of the film follows Paul on his day; shooting commercials, visiting his shrink, you know, typical stuff. Well, except for when his shrink is murdered. His insides look scrambled and every rib in his chest is broken. Paul sees this in his astral state, but it isn't registering as real for him. When they go to visit his father in law, the dog attacks Paul.
Eventually the father in law is murdered, Matthew is forced to drink paint thinner and Paul's wife is also dead. It seems that Paul is killing people with his mind.
Or is he?
I have to tell you that when I saw director George Milhalka's name on the credits I was excited. He directed MY BLOODY VALENTINE and  PINBALL SUMMER, two of my favorite films of all time. So, this was going to be amazing. A guy who kills people in his astral form.
This was going to be so cool!
Only, it wasn't.
The entire soundtrack sounds like the bastard child of Miami Vice. Karen Black is wasted in this role. Even when she gets the opportunity to go over the top it is too little too late. The entire film is bloodless, unlike VALENTINE and boobless, unlike PINBALL. The whole thing just comes across as...dull.
Most of the footage is too dark and unwatchable. Even the day scenes could have used a little extra light. I'm not sure what happened here, but you know that when the climax of the film is about to begin and all will be revealed and I nod off and awaken in time to see the ending credits, you know this is one boring film.
Yes, as a professional, I did go back and see what I missed. I discovered that it wasn't much and the twist at the end wasn't much of a twist.
In the scheme of a two hundred movie set, one really bad one is bound to occur. I have actually allowed for about 20 of them to just stink on ice, but this one might have to count for three or four of them.
Just. So. Bad.

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