Monday, February 18, 2013


I have flown by this title so many times on Netflix that I have lost count. It looked a Paranormal Entity rip off and I don't like those movies. Let's be honest here. If I don't like something it sure as Hell ain't gonna show up here. Right?
Then I saw the word that told me to let it play before my eyeballs.
I do loves me a good spoof and when my daughters said we should try it out. I agreed. Especially after we had given V/H/S a try for about five minutes and turned it off. That thing stunk so bad I had to Febreze the television.
So, Supernatural Activity is a spoof of all those Ghost Hunter style shows with a leading man who comes across as a low rent Ben Stiller trying to channel a micro budget Criss Angel. He was pretty good at this. His show deals with debunking ghosts.   Demons. He believes in demons, no problem.
Unbeknownst to the rest of the team he also plans on going out with style by having the team visit a Indian Burial ground. His girlfriend, Blair wants to hunt down the legendary Smallsquatch that tickles its victims to death. He decides to show her there is no such thing.
He couldn't be more wrong.
Supernatural Activity has a lot of stupid, lowest common denominator laugh out loud moments. Funny stuff where you just turn off your brain and have at it. The movie skewers the ghost hunter type shows and makes sure to get in some shots at The Blair Witch Project and The Last Exorcism.
I think that's where it loses it's steam and starts to fail.
Too much time spent on The Last Exorcism. Blair Witch has had enough time to be funnier in this as is the television show stuff.
Also, it has the problem of many a spoof where it starts to slow down in the middle. That can spell death to a spoof. And, the end. Um, the end wasn't funny. It was like they got so involved in where they were going with this that they took it to it's only real conclusion that would work, but still not funny. Disturbing, yes. But funny, no.
They tried to fix that with funny, blooper stuff with the end credits, but it didn't help that much.
In the end, Supernatural Activity is passable, funny at moments, but falls flat at the end. All the actors were quite funny and the girl who plays Blair is wicked cute. The lead, Andrew Pozza as Damon Dealer is very good at what he is doing and does remind me of Ben Stiller (That's a good thing, by the way) and seems to be just starting out with this as his first film.
So, do you watch it? Sure. Like I said, some laughs and poking fun at stuff I find moronic. The perfect combination. And Liddy Bisanz as Blair? Like I said, wicked cute.

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