Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Because of Tim Paxton I became more curious about the Bollywood movie experience. Sure, I had seen a couple of them through the years, but now it seems to be turning into more of an obsession. Along with Mexican Monster movies, but that's for Weng's Chop, not here.
So, Son of Dracula. Seems there is this asshole landlord and Dracula sends his women after him to get him to have sex with them. One succeeds and gives birth to a little vampire that will destroy the landlord's family.
I managed to find a copy that has the last half with subtitles. Thank God because I would have had no idea what was going on. The Dracula in this is a huge monster with spooky lighting and can shoot rays out of his eyes. His son does the same thing and it makes policemen's clothes disappear. (Yeah, not sure either.) The little guy is funny because half the time he is an obvious dummy and the other half a little kid.
The movie is insane and moves at a breakneck speed with plenty of dance numbers. I felt bad for one of the brides of Dracula who had to dance under a tiny waterfall for the entire number. She must have gotten soaked with the length of the number and assuming they got it in one take.
This reminded me of being a youngster and watching all those Saturday afternoon monster movies. Such a good time. I found a copy of Dracula and will have to see how it compares. This one throws everything at the screen and doesn't care if it sticks or not.

Here's the first part of the flick. You can watch it all on YouTube.

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