Thursday, February 21, 2013


Normally, I don't like watching movies where I don't speak the language and there are no subtitles. Lately, I have been watching a lot of Mexican horror movies for an article for Weng's Chop and a lot of them do not have subtitles. It seems to be working for me. You kind of shut a little part of your brain down and appreciate what is happening in front of you. It requires more concentration coupled with some interpretaion, but I do like it. My friend, Tim Paxton, is hooked on the Bollywood flicks. I have seen a couple thanks to Mondo Macabro and thought they were fun. 
I tried to watch a drama on Hulu and after an hour was just bored to death.
Then I watched Jungle Love.
So much fun!
It is a direct rip on the Tarzan myth. Kind of. Apparently, the child was born in an Amazonian society and they put him in a raft and sent him down the river. Luckily a midget in a chimpanzee and a lactating lioness found him and raised him to be one with the jungle.
Along come some mercenaries after Amazonian gold and Tarzan falls bad for Jane. In this case it is Raja and Rita. Still, they do like one another.
I love when they break into song throughout the film. It gives the entire proceedings a surreal quality you don't find here in America, or a lot of other places.
I figured out what was going on with the film and thought it was entertaining.
I think I likes me this Bollywood.

Oh, and here is the whole thing for free on YouTube. CLICK ON THIS

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