Saturday, January 14, 2012


Want a plot synopsis? Fine! Felicia Day's character is part of a family that hunts werewolves and have something to do with Red Riding Hood. Oh and there's this new werewolf that doesn't need a full moon to raise some lycanthropic Hell.
I was so excited to see this. You get werewolves, Felicia Day is really cute. I went into this with a win-win kind of attitude. I wasn't even worried that it was a SyFy movie. I've seen some of those that are fun.
Yeah, not this one.
All I can figure is she needed the cash to finance another season of The Guild so, she's forgiven for that. But, the werewolves are the worst kind of crappy CGI. The acting is just bad. Ms. Day looks fine, but that's it. Oh and Stephen McHattie, who is good in lots of things sucked in this.
Basically, this is a huge pile of suck with a crappy ending. I think I'll stick with Reverend Jen Miller from now on for Geek Cute. She doesn't make crappy movies.

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