Sunday, January 15, 2012


The film opens with a quote by Mark Twain;
"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."
This rolls us into what can be best referred to as a greatest hits by Massachusetts film maker, Michael Legge.
Chris Qualm is a mild mannered writer of instruction manuals. He never has to leave his house. He has the paper delivered, the groceries delivered. Life is good for Chris Qualm. At least it seems that way to Chris. His sister has another word for it.
And she wants him to seek out help. There is a psychiatrist with a radical new therapy called Sponge Therapy that literally soaks the psychosis from your mind and makes you better.
It doesn't do much for Dr. Ow, but it does give Chris a new lease on life. To prove it he decides to go out and buy his own coffee.
Worst mistake of his life.
In the span of a day he encounters aliens, androids, Nazis, secret agents and the evil Spiderwoman. He is caught up in intrigue the likes the world has never seen. All becuase he decided to make a...Coffee Run.
Now anyone who has read this blog long enough knows what a fan I am of Michael Legge. One of the true satirical geniuses of our time. And this time he has brought back charcaters from many of his films; Honey Glaze, Dash Hope and Spiderwoman with her sidekick The Creeper just to name a few.
This is a fun little film that tries to jam as much insanity into one movie to prove to us that everyone out there is crazy and sometimes it is a good thing to just stay at home and keep the insanity of the world at bay.
Legge is a comic treasure that continues to give us something to make us laugh and think, usually at the same time.
Coffee Run can be found at this LINK 

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