Saturday, January 28, 2012


I had the privilege of meeting Felissa Rose a while back and she was great. Very warm and friendly. I mentioned that I was a film reviewer and she autographed and handed me a copy of this film. I had some much needed down time today so I decided to give it my full attention.
Kind of wish I had watched it sooner.
The basic plot is there are these two brothers Caesar (Dave Campfield) and Otto (Paul Chomicki) and Caesar is the one that loves to act and does all the work while Otto watches a lot of television. One day, a pregnant girl gets in Caesar's cab and, to make  along story short, Caesar and Otto have to go on the run necause Caesar pummeled the retarded brother of the chief of police. Believe me, when you watch it it will make perfect sense.
They go to find jobs in an out of the way place and the job counselor (Joe Estevez) gets them jobs as camp counselors.
Seems like a way to make a couple of bucks, get some fresh air and lay low for a while. Then Carrie (Felissa Rose) shows up and the killings start. And to compound matters, their father, Fred (Scott Aguilar) shows up with crime on his mind. Oh, and did I mention that there is a mental institution next to the camp? Yeah, it's a hoot.
Now the boys just have to make it out alive and still keep away from the chief of police who wants to hurt Caesar in the worst way.
I have to tell you, this is one of the funniest things I've seen this year so far. Dave Campfield's vocal delivery as Caesar just makes things funnier. There is a nice balance of gore and funny and it doesn't bog down in the middle like a lot of horror comedies are wont to do.
Dave Campfield is a very funny guy and I look forward to all of his flicks.
The DVD is loaded with extras including a short film where they have to pit their wits with Dracula's lawyer. My favorite thing on this DVD would have to be a little something called 25 minutes with Joe Estevez. He just talks and answers questions and is cool and sweet and really a great guy. I think I might be going on a JOe Estevez bender in the near future so be ready for that dear readers.
So, in the end, CAESAR AND OTTO'S SUMMER CAMP MASSACRE is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. Felissa Rose is great as always and her husband from the band CKY is also in it and very funny. This was a blast.
Thanks Felissa!

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