Monday, June 14, 2010

Justice League (1997)

I have heard about this pilot for a while. I finally decided to watch it.
I should listened. I should have stayed away. The least I can do is warn people. Warn others before it is too late for them. Think I'm exaggerating?
Watch this;

The guy from M*A*S*H* who plays Charles Winchester as The Martian Manhunter!?! Really???
And who decided that this was the line up:
Green Lantern/Guy Gardner
Martian Manhunter
The Flash
The Atom
And any concern about following DC history? Don't worry, they didn't follow any of it! Decades of rich, imaginative storylines and they don't use much more than their names. Barry Allen as an out of work schlub? Really?
The guys all seem to be wearing the same mask in different colors. And the costumes! My God, the costumes! They are horrible. And they make all the guys look pudgy. Even Fire and Ice have costumes that look like a horrible Vegas show that no one went to.
And did I mention that it was dull? Demon dull. The kind of dull where you want to take your eyes out with a cheese grater so you can stop watching.
This is the worst kind of bad acting, no consideration for the source kind of television programming that I can at least thank my lucky stars, didn't get by the pilot.
You have been warned. Stay away!

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