Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hardly Basset (Foster Brooks) wins Camp Bottomout in a card game. He enlists his daughter Jennifer (Konnie Krome) to help out with the kids. Little do they know that across the lake a developer has his eyes on the camp to turn it into a shopping mall.
ODDBALLS is one of those wacky teen comedies that sort of goes above and beyond the call of duty. There are endless sight gags that can't be caught in one viewing. Everytime Hardly shoots a gun up in the air anything from Mary Poppins to The Wicked Witch Of The West come plummeting to the ground. The three main kids; Chris, Odd and Francois are on the make and looking for some hot girl action. Yeah, they kind of screw that up through the entire picture.
The movie works on its own logic as well. When a kid opens a door marked Men's Room he finds it full of men. He closes the door, writes a WO in front of the sign, reopens the door and it's filled with hot girls. Well, hot 80's girls, anyway.
This makes my second viewing and it is fun to try and spot everything that is going on in this imaginative little flick that appeared when summer camp movies were all the rage.
Plus, you can add this to all the movies in the world with Balls in the title. There are more than you think. Check out IMDB sometime.
Here's a clip;


Erin said...

I have no idea how I missed this movie while watching Skinemax in the 80s! Thanks for alerting me to an 80s movie I missed.

Douglas A. Waltz said...

No problem, Erin.


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