Monday, February 16, 2009


So, first up in the weekend of fun was taking the family, plus Stew and Josh to a packed house of Friday The 13th. This is what a slasher movie is and should always be. Lots of fun, Jason style kills, magnificent boobies and gore aplenty. The women in this flick are jaw dropping gorgeous and drop their shirts at the drop of a hat. Want topless water skiing? Got it. Want lots of bed bouncy bouncy? Got it. How about a set of tanned perfection glistening with baby oil? Okay, you get that to.
I hear a lot of people dissing the movie and all I can say is, have you seen any other slasher flick in your life? There is a tried and true formula and this film follows it like a lovesick puppy. Hell, it even managed to shock me once and I've seen a lot of these things.
Friday The 13th will re energize the genre of slasher flicks for some time to follow and all I can say is hurray! It's about time.
Now, let the crappy sequels commence!
Saturday at my house was chaos. It involved friends of my children staying over and lots of chaos. I wanted to hide in a corner somewhere. With one shining moment in the evening, I would like Saturday to be expunged from my mind.
Sunday, on the other hand, was fabulous.
I made an amazing breakfast casserole with potatoes, eggs, a layer of bacon along with some poblano peppers and serrano peppers along with some freshly chopped garlic and a diced sweet onion. It was very good and I will have to make that one again for myself. I might try it next time with some thinly slice prosciutto.
After church we headed back to the homestead where I watched a lot of Sci Fi Channel flicks. Well, most of them. I saw Reign Of The Gargoyles, or at least enough to know what happens.
Then I saw SPLINTER.

This was an amazing piece of low budget film making. The concept that 90 percent of the film takes place in a little out of the way gas station is genius. One set for the most part and four main characters that gets whittled down to three pretty quick. Seems there's this thing that is able to infect and take over living flesh. It absorbs some of it and eats the rest. It is able to make the flesh do what it wants. The process is pretty gooey and nasty, but it works really well. I thought that the use of the jerky cam during monster attacks was a little over done, but I know they did it to hide the really bad creature effects. At least I assume that's the reason as the damned jerky cam prevented us from ever seeing the monster clearly.
This was an effective little monster fest that reminded me of some older Corman films in that you have one location and a small cast up against a monster of some kind.
I also liked that they explained nothing about the monsters origins and the ending doesn't resolve the situation making this a perfect jumping off point for a sequel or three and I am fine with that.
I fell asleep last night to the strains of MST3K's The Giant Gila Monster.

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