Thursday, February 12, 2009


A site that claims to be the ultimate fan boy site has lately, in my opinion, shown itself to be nothing more than a bunch of overhyped garbage. Add to that the insult I felt at a recent post about David Cronenberg concerning his new film, The Matarese Circle. This reviewer who goes by the name Beaks ststea, and I quote; 'the man who once stuck a vagina under Marilyn Chambers's armpit'. Any true fan of Cronenberg would know that Marilyn Chambers had a PENIS under her armpit! This is not something that anyone who knows anything about Cronenberg, let alone film, would get wrong.
For a site that purports to be all about film, this is a grievous error. Ain't It Cool has been on a crappy downward spiral for some time. I think that this is the final nail in that geek coffin.
I'm done with it. How about you?


Neil D Vokes said...

Well personally i'm more concerned about the reviewer's sex life,not knowing the diff between a penis and a vag...mymymy...;o)

Douglas A. Waltz said...

That is bad, isn't it?


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