Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been on this Fred Olen Ray kick lately and that means I will be passing the experience on to you, the readers. I can hear your collective groan, but I have always been a fan of Fred's. Sure, I don't like those comedies he does like INVISIBLE MOM, but he has made so many other flicks that I could care less.
Now we have a relatively new film entitled Tomb Of The Werewolf. My first impression was; Man, this looks cheap! But then I got me some Michelle Bauer and the credits promised Paul Naschy as well. Score!
The premise is that there's this guy who is the last of the Daninsky clan and he knows that there is a treasure to be had. And he wants it. He hires a TV crew to come along and film the action.
Unbeknownst to any of them is that the woman in charge of the castle is Elizabeth BAthory. Yeah, that one. Michelle Bauer plays the part. Seems she is just around for one reason. To get the last of the Daninisky clan to open the tomb of Waldemar Daninsky and remove the weapon from his chest that keeps him under wraps.
Yeah, that happens pretty quick and we get Waldemar in his old school makeup chomping the shit out of our erstwhile TV crew and a few villagers as well.
Fred Olen Ray knows what is going to sell a flick, but he also has a soft spot for the movies that he grew up with. To make both ends meet we are treated to a bevy of voluptuous beauties who all drop their clothes with little if any coaxing. Not a lot of soft core action as this is primarily a werewolf movie. I was surprised to see adult film star Evan Stone in the flick. He was probably happy that all he had to do was fondle a girl for a minute before he gets whacked by the werewolf. A very funny moment.
In the end the film is about the effect of curses and we get a few surprises along the way, a large quantity of very nice female nudity, blood and gore as Waldemar wreaks havoc throughout and, what can be the only happy ending for a werewolf.
I thought that having Paul Naschy as Waldemar was fantastic and the fact that Fred kept the old school makeup for the werewolf was another definite plus.
Naschy fans are going to watch this for Naschy. Everyone else gets something for their troubles as well.
Being a more recent Fred Olen Ray movie I was a little worried. I should have known better. Fred is a pro and always delivers.


Holger Haase said...

Yeah, I also managed to watch this recently. Must admit I likes me some FOR. This is by far not his best movie, but definitely manages has enough to make it interesting.

Douglas A. Waltz said...

I thought it was what it was and NAschy was in it. That and a truckload of titties always makes for good viewing.


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