Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm sure that regular readers of this blog are completely aware of this film and how it originally received a lot of controversy over the concept of Santa whacking people. Of course we all know that it was looney tunes Billy, not Santa who was responsible for this, but I remember fondly walking through picket lines at West Main Cinema to watch this flick. That was part of what made it good.
Now, I decided to revisit the flick. Sure, I caught it on videotape, but never saw a reason to revisit it.
Man, was I wrong!
This is one of the funniest flicks I have seen in forever. Let me run down a few highlights.
Just before Billy goes into the house to kill Linnea Quigley and her boy toy there are a group of carolers. One of them is obviously unaware of the words and overacts herself to death. This is obviously cracking up one of the other carolers.
And Linnea Quigley answering the door in a pair of Daisy Dukes and no top?!? Does she do this regularly? If so do the neighborhood boys knock on the door everytime she's babysitting.
The jaw dropping scene of Billy giving the little girl his bloody boxcutter because she has been good.
The one thing I do give credit for is the bleak Utah backdrop where the majority of this flick is set. It adds to the bizarre nature of the story.
Oh and when the cop shoots the deaf priest dressed like Santa Claus. Priceless!
I had a lot of fun with Martha watching this and we might have to make this a yearly kind of thing. A great flick that I must recommend to everyone.
And don;t be naughty or Santa will punish you and punishment is good!

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