Friday, December 19, 2008


I watched it because Simon Pegg was in it. Weird seeing him with an American accent, but he pulled it off admirably.
Now for the flick;
In the end I found it depressing and meaningless. Sure, it does a good job of wrapping up a huge amount of loose ends, but the basic plot of a blackmail scheme gone horribly wrong felt like it had been done before. Plus the fact that I really don't like David Schwimmer and his style of acting. Some people must because of how popular Friends was, but he just ain't my particular cup of tea.
Simon Pegg looked a little chunky and even had a bit of menace in his part. Alice Eve was the reason to watch the flick. I might have tuned in for Simon Pegg, but I stayed for the incredibly gorgeous Alice Eve.
This is one of those quirky, throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, form of comedy that takes a tragic turn at the end.
I was glad I watched it for Pegg's performance and to discover the lovely Alice Eve, but as for the rest of it?

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