Friday, December 5, 2008

FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)

I can remember seeing the original in the theater forever ago. I go see all of them in the theater. My youngest daughter thinks that Jason Voorhees is one cool dude. I have a Friday The 13th doll for crying out loud!
That being said; I hate remakes. Despise the things.
Kind of made me glad that Michael Bay said that this more like Friday The 13th 3.5. You know before he gets dead and after he gets the hockey mask. There is a lot of time that takes place between some of the sequels and this is a rich area to mine for additional chapters in the legend of Jason Voorhees. I am so glad they didn't just try to redo the first one because that would have sucked and I wouldn't have gone to see it.
It will be out soon so, in the meantime, I give you the trailer (There's a newer trailer at Yahoo!, but I don't know how to imbed that one, sorry.) And there's a poster as well.

ENJOY! You officially have my permission to go and watch this flick and have a good time without feeling guilty.

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David A. Zuzelo said...

Thanks Doug, it is really nice to see someone not losing their mind that the "sacred canon" of F13 is being violated. I've really enjoyed the comics and especially the novels (especially the totally over the top "Hate-Kill-Repeat). A classic monster for my generation of movie watchers and one that is only limited by the imagination of the filmmakers or writers.

And yes, I'm a hardcore horror fan, but I enjoyed those TCM remake flicks.


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