Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Another long, wintry weekend and that means movies to watch. This time around it was the low budget flicks ZOMBIE STRIPPERS and POULTRYGEIST. My buddy Stew made me a copy of Poultrygeist. Yeah, the disc was empty. Way to go Stew! Anyway, I downloaded it myself and what can I say? It's typical Troma. Funny, irreverent, politically incorrect and full of naked girls. I would cover the basic premise here, but why bother? This flick has been floating around one way or another for quite some time. Does this mean I'm going to rush out and buy the 3 disc collector set? You bet! This was something akin to the first time I saw The Toxic Avenger. And the lead actress Kate Graham is gorgeous to look at and has a lovely singing voice. This one is over the top in gore, sex and feces and doesn't pull a single punch. My only complaint is that some of the effects were a little shoddy, but what can you do? I'm sure Lloyd Kaufman poured every cent he had into the flick.
This one so deserves a theatrical release and it won't get it. I recommend that everyone get one this Christmas Season and give an extra one to a loved one as well.
Now, with Zombie Strippers we get a different kind of animal.
This is hilarious and looks to be a cult film in the making. You know those movies that try to be a cult film and fail? This one hit it on the head. When a zombie gets into a secret strip bar and infects the lead girl at the bar, chaos runs amok. For some reason the crowd wants to see zombie girls stripping more than regular ones. And because the virus that created the zombies is an estrogen based thing, the women keep their intelligence after they are dead. The gore is plentiful, the naked is all there as well. Just one complaint. The lead, good girl, Jennifer Holland really needed to get naked for us. I felt that we deserved it and it never happened. I know, how can I complain about this with so much other nudity running rampant in the flick? I guess I'm just selfish is all.
Robrt Englund is a madman and insane and all that is good in a flick of this variety and I just can't find anything to complain about with this flick. I'd recommend a sequel, but have no idea how they would pull it off. (And no, you pervs, that's not a pun.)
I gotta go.

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