Monday, October 12, 2015


Created by Bill Zebub
Starring Scarlett Storm Lydia Lael and Erin Brown

With the lovely Scarlett Storm stripping for us during the lengthy credits of everyone in the movie, you know that you are in the right place.
In this particular case we are in a place where puppets exist side by side with humans. Referred to with the derogatory term of ‘Others’ these puppets are insane and out of control. The highest ranking puppet with his own show is Jesus. The show is called Jesus Saves Satan Invests. Lydia and Erin are roommates and into there world is Barbara (Bill Zebub) a convict out on work release installing free cable for everyone. He tries his moves on Erin, but she is a lesbian and only has eyes for Lydia.
But Barbara isn’t all that he seems.

With outlandish concepts like giant teddy bears that rape women. A Siamese twin that has a gay puppet growing out of his shoulder. And Lydia having a preference for puppets making her a otherfucker.
Once again Bill Zebub manages to create and interesting, alternate universe out of whole cloth and brings us the movie that no one else would dare to. When I was looking for some pictures to go with this review there were many people making images of Elmo dressed as Freddy Krueger.
Not Bill Zebub.
He wants you to descend into his own personal Hell of puppet rape, out of control, mind controlling media and religion that has gone off the deep end.
It is always a pleasure to see Scarlett Storm in anything and this is no exception. The opening sequence I mentioned earlier morphs into a wild simulated sex scene with Bill where he transforms into Kermit The Toad. Yes, he painted a Kermit doll brown. Yes, it is hilarious. Scarlett keeps switching from the nightmare and then back to reality. By the end of the scene her mind is fried.
Lydia and Erin make a good pair. Sounding off on everything from the inanity of Sesame Street to religion doing nothing more than fleecing the ignorant masses. It would be interesting to see them in something together again. They don’t spend much time together in Holocaust Cannibal. Here they show that they have the chops to carry an intricate scene with some pretty heavy dialogue.
So, if you think you have seen it all…you’re wrong. Every time Bill Zebub unleashes another one of his bizarre visions onto the world, every thing changes.
I think for the better.

The DVD is loaded with extras. He highlights all the epic music that fills every film and tells you where to get your own. There is a Horrorhound Q&A for Holocaust Cannibal. Bloopers and some behind the scenes stuff.

A quality DVD filled to the brim with all the goodies we have come to expect from Bill Zebub. 

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