Wednesday, October 28, 2015

DAWN OF THE DEAD: A Sideways Re-Visit

So, with Halloween approaching we have been playing some classic horror flicks at The Waltz Compound. We rewatched The Thing and it always works. Then we decided to put in Dawn of the Dead.
Now, Dawn of the Dead is my favorite movie. I have seen it over a hundred times. I watched it at the theater. I watched it when it was a midnight movie at The LeBijou in downtown Kalamazoo. IT came out on VHS, I bought it. I bought the double tape set. I bought the single tape of it. I bought it on DVD.
Then I bought the Ultimate Dawn of the Dead DVD set.

For those not familiar, It has the theatrical release, the director's cut and the European release of the film along with two full length documentaries and a ton of extras. There's even a comic book in there. I traditionally watch the director's cut. It's the only one I prefer as the other two are shorter. The European version is the shortest of the bunch.
Last night I decided to put in the European version.
It's a pretty lean version of the film, but it hits all the right beats. I am also amazed that it has dialogue not found in either of the other versions. My only real critique of the film would be Argento's, who cut this version, heavy reliance on Goblin's soundtrack as opposed to the mall music which, I think, sets the scene a lot better. 
One of these days it would be interesting to see someone cut the extra dialogue into the director's cut to make a Ultimate cut. I know I can't do it because the music doesn't match up and I don't have the technical know how to remove separate tracks to make it work.
Oh well, a fan can dream, right?
Have an excellent Halloween everyone.

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