Friday, October 9, 2015


I recently picked up a brown grocery bag of Nick Carter, Killmaster books. I have had them for a little while, but hadn't dipped into the bag to see what all the fuss was about.  I am curious as to why Carter names his gun and knife. Didn't Richard Benson, The Avenger, do the same thing? And probably sooner if the time line is correct.
So, Nick Carter is having some down time with his favorite married woman who skips out and has a few rounds of sexy time with Nick from time to time. He gets a call that a man by the name of Bennett has killed his wife and has a photographic memory. Apparently, he was a mole that the Russians forgot about. They also forgot he was a bit of a pervert and he finally snapped. Killing his wife he left the country and now all of Americas enemies want what is locked in that little brain of Bennett's.
Killmaster is given one order; Kill Bennett.
The trail starts in Europe, stretches to Korea and Carter must endure the most sadistic torture in the world that involves two thin pieces of wood, a rubber mallet and his testicles.
This might have been the most uncomfortable part of the book for me.
Clocking in at a sleek 160 pages this was a fun book. I can see the draw as he is a man's man and the ladies love him for it. He comes across as more of a bad ass than James Bond ever was.
I think I might have to finish reading the rest of the books in the brown paper bag.

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