Friday, October 7, 2011


The yester years of shot on video or SOV as it is popularly known, is back with a vengeance. Alternative Cinema released their new feature, The Basement, on big box VHS. The craptastic slasher flick 555 is back in the land of big box, even if it is waaaaay over priced.
And then there's Warlock Video. A blast from the past with a huge slate of films on the horizon.
This is what is released so far;


Some kids decide it's time to party and have some grilled meat. Except this grilled meat has different ideas. Chock full of extras and available in the big box format or the loaded with extras DVD, Die B Que embraces all that is sick and wrong about the SOV flicks of the late 80's. There is no way you can afford to miss this flagship title of Warlock Video.


When a psycho in a jack o lantern mask decides to start killing the locals its up to a group of movie geek kids to bring him down. Filled with the streaming gore we have come to expect from the flick of this time period, Death O Lantern does not disappoint. Also available in the DVD and VHS formats.


Bask in the glow of the early work of film maker Chris LaMartina. When a psycho in a robe and a Jester mask descends on a quiet little town, he has one thing on his mind; To kill everyone! Creative kills and a compelling storyline that has one of the weirdest twist endings of all time, Amerikill is definitely something that needs to be on your movie shelf. And you can have it in both DVD and VHS formats.


Just let that name roll off your tongue for a moment. Revel in the sounds of the syllables as you say it. Zombies chew up the death metal scene as a special song, when played, turns the death metal kids into gut munching undead. Combine a soundtrack jam packed with some of the most off beat death metal of its time with girls willing to show us their goodies and you have a classic back from the SOV grave to amaze us all. And you should know by now what formats this comes in.


When a bunch of frat boys pull a prank on Jimmy they unleash their worst nightmares. Jimmy develops demonic powers and wades through them with a path of destruction like none seen before. Original kills, a creepy clown mask and that 80's veneer of SOV makes for a classic back thanks to Warlock in both DVD and VHS.

There you have it folks. The return of SOV with many more on their way to amaze and disgust you. Can your heart stand the shock of...WARLOCK VIDEO.

Check out the details at WARLOCK VIDEO

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