Thursday, August 25, 2011


Okay, many moons ago we got a Wii. We had wireless so we were able to get Netflix Instant, or whatever they call it.
Who is in charge of this???
Last night we watched Return Of The Living Dead.
Very cool.
Then I thought it would be fun to watch Part 2.
No chance.
If you have a series of films I can understand having just the first part. But the first and third part? That makes zero sense.
It's bad enough that the navigation for Netflix is atrocious, but things like that make them look bad.
OF course they don't care because they are the only game in town. They had no issues when they hiked up their prices for the poor saps who still get the red envelopes and didn't care. So, why are they going to give one, solitary crap what I have to complain about.
Unless a lot of people complain.
Yeah, not gonna happen.
People are sheep and will ignore this. In reality, Netflix probably saved me because I remember Return Of The Living Dead Part 2 as being a truly awful film.
But, Netflix?
Let me decide.

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