Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DC Comics 52

Right up front I want to explain that this might be a long post. I'm going to give my opinion on all 52 new titles from DC Comics, right here. I will sprinkle some pretty pictures along the way.
Go get a beverage.
Good, here we go!

And they are all number one so I'm not typing that 52 times. Keep up willya?

Justice League - Um, this looks dumb. Where the Hell is my Justice Society? Dumbasses!
Wonder Woman - Art looks great. Probably won't buy it.
The Flash - Looks kinda stupid.
The Fury of Firestorm - Pass. I'd rather read Nova.
Captain Atom - Looks stupid. Pass.
Green Arrow - Um, this storyline ain't doing it for me. Pass.

The Savage Hawkman - Now we are talking! Taking Hawkman to his roots with some wicked art. Buy!
DC Universe Presents - Starting off with Deadman is a step in the right direction. Buy, for now.
Mister Terrific - Didn't he lose his intelligence recently? Pass.
Action Comics - Short sleeves and jeans?? PASS!
Superman - Red underwear gone and what looks like armor on his shins?!? Pass.
Supergirl - I like the idea that she doesn't like humans. I'll check it out.
Superboy - PASS!
Batman - Ancient Conspiracies? Um, pass.
Detective Comics - I want to see if they remember that he is a detective in this comic so, I'll check in for a couple of issues.
Batwoman - I always liked me some BAtwoman. I might get this.
Batman: The Dark Knight - Pass!
Batman and Robin - This should be a fun title. It doesn't look fun. Pass.
Batwing - No. Looks really stupid.

Batgirl - Barbara Gordon is back! I'm sold. Buy!
Nightwing - Nope.
Catwoman - Nope.
Birds of Prey - Uh, uh.
Red Hood and the Outlaws - Forget it.
Green Lantern - This might suck more than the movie.
Green Lantern Corps - I'm gonna have to check the first couple of issues to see if they get Guy Gardner right.
Green Lantern:New Guardians - NO!
Red Lanterns - HELL NO!

Justice League Dark - This looks so damned cool. Buy!
Swamp Thing - Will have to check it out first.
Animal Man - Check it out and then decide.
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. - You know I'm getting this one.
I, Vampire - Blech! No.
Resurrection Man - Um, no. Looks stupid.

Demon Knights - Medieval tales of The Demon. I am so there!
Stormwatch - I think I threw up in my mouth a little right there.
Voodoo - Why does she look like Elektra???
Grifter - No.
Suicide Squad - I am always intrigued with Suicide Squad. I'll see how it does.
Deathstroke - No.
All-Star Western - Jonah Hex dovetailed with Gotham City and Amadeus Arkham? Sounds pretty good in my book.

O.M.A.C. - I'll check it out. I hope it's good.
Blackhawks - Not WW2? Not interested.
Men of War - A modern day Sgt. Rock??? No way!
Teen Titans - Pass.
Static Shock - I like the cartoon, but I don't see shelling out money for the title.
Hawk and Dove - One of my favorite twosomes. I hope they don't screw it up.
Blue Beetle - Not Ted Kord? Not interested in the slightest.
Legion Lost - Not a fan of Legion of Super Heroes.
Legion of Super Heroes - See above.

So, if you are keeping score, I'm willing to stick my neck out for about a dozen titles. I know that some of them will fall by the wayside, but that's not a bad average of books.

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