Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So, I've been on a kick of watching 80's slasher flicks of late. I like the no budget ones where no one goes on to do anything in the business. This one almost fits the bill with the exception of Larry Thomas a.k.a. The Soup Nazi. His acting is so bad that even he posted an apology on IMDB.
So, we have a group of guys who dress in clown makeup and demolish mannequins onstage while they rock and roll. Behind the scenes it's all drugs and titties and parties and titties. Did I mention titties? Yeah, there are a lot of them in all shapes and sizes in this flick.
Well, anyway, someone is wearing Clown makeup and slashing women to pieces in this flick. The police are stumped and the concert must go on so it's time to bait the trap with a cute girl who owes the detective in charge a favor.
Terror On Tour is pretty predictable. But, that's not what I look for in and 80's slasher flick. There should be blood. Check. Boobs. Check. And just a low rent look to the proceedings. Check and triple check. Terror On Tour has all of these things. My one beef is that it ends in a weird place. It should have been about five more minutes. In my humble opinion I think that there was just that one last push that the movie needed to end on a high note. In its current state it ends on a mid note which is just unsettling and I don't mean in a good way.
Couldn't find a trailer so you'll have to make due with the VHS box cover for this one.

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