Monday, January 25, 2010


So, THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN? Yeah, right. What they did was take a lukewarm thriller and slap a new title on it. SNAPSHOT is more indicative of what the film is about as we get the young and naive Angela (played by the ultra cute Sigrid Thornton of The Man From Snowy River fame) who poses for a new ad campaign where she walks through the surf with her top off. She has a lecherous old man after her, a washed up lesbian after her and her wacky boyfriend who drives an ice cream truck is also in this particular Mambo line. Sheesh!
Although I can't blame any of them as she is quite lovely.
So, what does this have to do with the John Carpenter film, HALLOWEEN. Nothing, Nada, zip, that's what. The people who owned the flick figured they could make a buck and apparently they did.
Does that make this a bad film? I don;t know about bad, but I do know that it was boring as all get out. Well, except for the nude scenes. Those were nice, but does that make the movie? Again, I'm afraid I must say no.
Look at this one as a public service from the folks at Divine Exploitation. We watch movies like this one so you don't have to. Go find something good to watch. We'll stay here and weep about our wasted lives.

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