Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Man, it's like wish fulfillment for me lately! A couple of weeks ago I was watching WWE RAW and my favorite female, Trish Stratus shows up. Last night I heard that Stone Cold will be back. This is great. What could make that better? Well, a new Michael Legge flick would be nice, but he's still recovering from surgery. Get well, Mike!
Level with that would be a new Mark Baranowski film. What's that, you say? Mark's working on a new flick even as we speak? And Teresa, his wife will be in it? Man, I am batting a thousand.
Here's a teaser poster for the flick.

Go to his site for it HERE.

Maybe, if it's not too late I could get a new Jay Lind flick as well?
Son Of A Gun! Jay got ahold of me and he's over in the Orient making a flick called Vampire Hunters with Brinke Stevens. This is amazing!

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