Monday, January 5, 2009


So, there was another holiday with lots of free time, four days of it to be exact, and we watched a ton of flicks at The Compound. First up is a public service announcement;


Look at that cover! And it's purported to be a documentary. This is going to be the most fantastic thing ever! I rented it with bated breath and couldn't wait for it to arrive. First up, it is not a documentary. That's some sort of in joke for the people who made it. Plus, all the footage can be seen in things like the opening credits of every video from Something Weird Video. So, we get retread material that any true aficionado of exploitation has seen numerous times and the 'experts' are jokes. By the way , listing one of your commentators as 'A Unregistered Sex Offender' isn't even a little bit funny.
What a freaking waste of time! Do not watch this for any reason whatsoever.

The other flick that stands out for me this weekend was the drive in classic SCHOOLGIRLS IN CHAINS. Sure, the schoolgirls in question are college age girls, which is fine as it makes the film a little less comfortable, but it shows the exploits of two brothers, Frank and John, who abduct pretty girls so that they can 'play' with them. John is the more retarded of the two so, his games tend to swerve to the more bizarre and weird, but Frank just uses the women for sex.
Their mistake is in kidnapping a lovely lady who is having an affair with her college professor. He is determined to get her back whatever the cost.
This film is fantastic to watch. The camera work is loose and inventive. There's a scene where Frank shoots an escapee in the back at close range with a shotgun. No gore to speak of, but her body hangs on a nearly invisible fence as a train thunders by and we see the whole thing through the passing train. This is one of the better films of this genre that I have seen in a very long time so I might have to seek out some more of this director's work.
Both of these films are available at Netflix and I imagine they are for sale through Amazon as well. Remember, don't watch the first one. Watch the second one repeatedly. With three commentaries on it I will be watching this one a few times to see how they managed to accomplish a sick and twisted flick like this on no budget.
Other than that we watched a lot of mainstream which I won't bore you with. Except for Pineapple Express. I thought this was a fun little stoner flick. Haven't seen one of those in a long time. And the death of Gary Cole at the end is really horrific. Fun little movie that people should definitely see.
Okay, that's it for me. I'll be back later with a review of Franco's DOWNTOWN HEAT for my 999 challenge. (Bet you thought I forgot about that, didn't ya.
I'm out!

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