Monday, January 5, 2009

First Crack At The 999 Challenge.

Thanks to my good buddy Holger, I decided to embrace the idea of doing 9 different sets of nine things in the space of a year. Since my list is all entertainment based (Big Surprise!)I will report on those goings on here. This is the first salvo and it comes from the top of the list;
Movies by Jess Franco that I haven't seen;
In this case it's the 1994 Film DOWNTOWN HEAT.
Now, I have watched DOWNTOWN and two more different animals don't exist. This one plays pretty straight and the fact that it has Mike Connors in it just makes it that much better. Seems there's a guy out there poisoning people with drugs and people are overdosing and dropping like flies. A husband is trying to find his wife who had a tryst with another woman, a police detective is trying to do what's right and an American is there to extradite the head of one of the biggest drug cartels in Europe. There's action, a spattering of romance and some really twisted stuff in this little flick. The scene where the man finds his dead wife stuffed into a trunk and covered in mice was a little harrowing. The way it was lit makes the blood pop out and gives it a grainy quality that makes for a better impact. Linay Romay manages to keep her clothes on for the most part and actually, for a Franco flick, this is pretty chaste. There is one naked girl in one scene and that's it. I had to makes sure that I was watching a Franco flick!
My apologies for the crappy picture I found, but I don't do snaps of DVD's all that well so, this is all I could find.
One down and eighty more to go! Yeesh! What have I done? See you back here real soon just to keep up.

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Holger Haase said...

No need to apologise for the picture. It looked fine to me and I always get a great kick out of seeing non-English language covers.


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