Saturday, August 9, 2008

TOUGH TO KILL VOL. 1 Revisitied

Remember this tome, boys and girls? After reading it twice I thought I would watch the ones that got the highest rating of five exploding huts. I still love that rating system. There were three of them. Two, easy to find, the third, not so much. Anyway, I completely forgot this as I continued to watch too many damned movies and life went about it's merry way. Yesterday I got a little present in the mail. Author David Zuzelo sent me a copy of HAMMERHEAD. This was the hard one to find. I'm watching it today and I will be giving my thoughts of a film worth five exploding huts. Maybe I'll get Dan The Man to watch it with me.
In the meantime, go here to buy the book and start watching these flicks. They are so much better than the Hollywood pablum out there today.


Robert Monell said...

I'll have to see more of these. And I look forward to the book. A favorite is TORNADO by A. Dawson, which I saw on Italian video I rented but can't find now.

Douglas A. Waltz said...
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Douglas A. Waltz said...

Yeah, the book is fantatsic. I would call it a must have in my library of reference books. Plus David Z.'s website TOMB IT MAY CONCERN at is pretty awesome as well.


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