Sunday, August 3, 2008


Did I watch it for the unanswered questions from SCARECROW and SCARECROW SLAYER? No, I haven't seen either of those movies. Did I watch it because a large majority of it takes place on a beach full of bikini clad babes and Olivia Munn from Attack Of The Show is in it? You bet your ass I did. Was Ms. Munn in a bikini or slaughtered by the titular character. Nope, not a chance.
with that baggage out of the way, how was the flick? Not bad. We do get some boobies of both the petite and humongous variety. Lots of action and blood flowing freely. The plot device of a kid in a coma powering the vengeful scarecrow seemed a little thing, but that might hinge on the first two flicks which I have not see...yet. Sure, I'll watch them. I love a good old fashioned horror flick that just does what it's supposed to do and not try to get all pretentious and crap. This one gives you the obligatory jump scares. Some inventive kills. Some slightly interesting dialogue. Lots of gore and very pleasant to look at females.
As for Ms. Munn? She plays a giggling school girl down to a tee and she probably would hate for a clip of this to appear on YouTube. Now I have to figure out how to do that. Sheesh!
In the end, it's a fun little diversion and that's all that really matters. Right? Right!

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