Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Man, that's a long title, but it works. In fact all of the movie works. Third in the series of Brendan Fraser flicks dealing with dusty dudes who come back for world domination, this one finds our erstwhile hero and his lovely bride in the grips of something new. An Eastern mummy. Namely The Dragon Emperor and that is Jet Li.
How can anyone not like a flick with Jet Li as the bad guy and the delectable Michelle Yeoh as an immortal sorceress sworn to stop him from returning to life.
This time around we get more of the same wild action, lots of shoot outs, some kick ass cool Yetis, and did I mention Isabella Leong? As Michelle Yeoh's immortal daughter she is absolutely gorgeous and needs to be in more mainstream flicks. The girl has movie star written all over her.
Now, I hear some detractors for this flick and all I have to say is, why did you grow up? Can you not remember the days of yesteryear with wild and woolly action flicks? Indiana Jones and that lot tearing up the cinema? This is embracing that genre completely and remembering where our characters came from.
Sure I would have loved to have Rachel Weisz reprise her role again, but she didn't. Instead we get the stunning Maria Bello and her introduction as Evelyn is hilarious. It reminded me of the second George of The Jungle flick at the very beginning where the Narrator is talking and George, who is not Brendan Fraser, comes into view. The Narrator says; "Who the heck are you?" and the new George, played by Christopher Showerman, says; "Me new George. Studio too cheap to pay Brendan Fraser." This is excellent and it makes you realize that they are having fun with the audience which is always a plus. The new Mummy does the same thing with Evelyn's character and the entire audience chuckled.
My wife and I took our youngest to see the flick and I have to say that it is made for him. He's eight and he loved the thing. Now we can get that box set of all three flicks. Hopefully they make cool yeti toys for this movie. I think I need one.
Anyway, don't listen to the dried up, stick in the muds who boo what is probably one of the more fun things on movie screens this summer. Go see it and remember why you liked the first too so much.

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