Thursday, March 15, 2007


Time to pitch the zine I'm doing again that will see print in late April. It's called ON THE NIGHT HIGHWAYS. I'm looking for horror fiction from any genre. the weirder the better.Here are the rules:
No hardcore pornography of any kind, unless it's integral to the storyline, but that would be rare at best.
No poetry.
5000 words or less, but this rule can be bent for that certain story.
Payment is as follows;
Writers - $1 regardless of length and five copies of the zine.
Artists - Yes I need art, too. $5.00 plus five copies of the zine.
It's not a lot, but it is a paying market.
Additional copies of the zines can be purchased for a dollar each either by check, money order or cash to;
Douglas Waltz1915 Douglas Ave.Kalamazoo MI 49007
or via PayPal at:
Please send all submission in the form of an attachment. All art as a jpeg. No snail mail submissions!
Have fun!

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