Friday, March 9, 2007

Finally Finished!!

Between reading a ton of other books and wtching waaay too many movies, I managed to finsh this weighty tome. I think the size of this monster and the fact that it weighs in at just under five pounds, makes this a hard to tote along book. This was my read before bed book for a few weeks now. And I have finally finished the thing!
Final impressions are that it is a beautiful book and by using direct quotes by the hundreds of people involved in the series it gave us an in depth look into the whole movie making process. I really thought it was funny how some of these people are still bickering over who took credit for what and some of the attitudes of the actors are so shallow! It's like they feel it's necessary to belittle the projects that gave them such memorable screen time. Did they think that people were going to remeber them for that Shakespeare in the park they did waaay back when? No, they're gonna remember when Jason whacked you with (insert weapon of choice here). You'd think they would be more grateful.
In the end, the true measure of anything is, when it's over did you want more? Absolutely! I could have read this book if it were twice this size.
Great book and well worth the price.

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