Monday, March 12, 2007


Over in the vast wilderness of Massachusetts resides a madman. A man dedicated to making sure that we see movies in their original format and some movies that we might never watch. One such film, DOCTOR OF DOOM directed by the legendary Rene Cardona Sr. under the original title of Las Luchadoras vs. El Medico Asesino tells of a madman who is working on the ultimate brain transplant. Unfortunately, all of his subject tend to die. At first he thinks it's because they are not smart enough so, he makes off with a lab assistant. Bad move for the doctor because her sister is a wrestler. He then deduces that with a strong enough woman the transplant will work. That's where the lady wrestlers come in...with a vengeance. Hot for revenge our femme fatale agrees to help the local police bag the mad doctor. What they don't know is that he has this giant gorilla thingie under his command and when it's wearing it's special suit it is impervious to gunfire. An unstoppable monster of pure rage under the command of a madman with a deadly agenda.
Now, Dr. Dreck has his own problems during the breaks. It seems that his giant rat, Stu has decided to become a wrestler. First he topples the mighty Godzilla toy that stands a good two inches, but later he must match wits with another rodent. Who will win the mighty rat battle?
If you're looking for a classic horror host with the most you must check out Dr. Dreck. He broadcasts on cable access in the Mendon area and surrounding counties. You can also check him out here;
Annoying him to send you copies of the broadcasts for a nominal fee might not be a bad idea other.
The Doctor is in and his name is Dreck!

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