Friday, November 6, 2015



When I grabbed this one out of the paper bag for my second foray into the land of Killmaster I had no idea that it was the first book. That being said, it does not feel like a first book. We get the standards about his three weapons but I've seen more detail given in a later book. It's a little gruesome with planes exploding, a guy exploding at the airport and a master assassin named Judas who is a misshapen monster of a man that seems to be a worthy adversary for Nick Carter. I was amazed Judas got away.
I was considering trying to read these things in some semblance of order, but I do not have all the books and doubt I would spend more money tracking down the holes in my collection. I think, for now,  I'll just reach in the bag and see what happens until I reach the bottom.
Should be fun.
I would like to see if his relationship with Julie, another spy from another secret agency goes beyond the first book. They seem pretty serious.
She probably gets shot in the next book.

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