Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Make My Bed Soon by Jack Webb


First, no, not that Jack Webb. That being said this is a tight little novel in one of my favorite genres of fiction. The hard crime genre. No detective in this one. Just a hard luck case by the name of Al Duffey who recently got out of the joint on trumped up charges of car theft.
Now, his roomie in the big house has given him a lead on the man responsible and he wants to get some closure. That leads him to a small rodeo town and Gail.
Gail steals his heart, but she is married under the worst of circumstances.
It isn;t long before someone puts a bullet behind her husband's ear and Al is the man who must have done it.
Only, he didn't
Now, they are on a trail out of town littered with bodies and no where to turn.
If only it were that simple.
At a quick 144 pages this is a pretty good read. The main character is more interesting than most with his ex marine background and interest in ornithology inherited from his father who was famous on the subject. Factor is a rare happy ending and a twist that comes in the last act that propels the las thrid of the book at breakneck speed and this is a real winner.,
I admit I thought it was that Jack Webb, too.
Damned Wikipedia for shattering another dream.
Finally, the quote on the front cover from the Chicago Tribune is priceless;
"...so fast moving you won't have time to count the corpses."
Classic quote and, in this case, true.
Good book. 

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