Friday, July 10, 2015

Hunters of the Red Moon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

I have mentioned on numerous occasions that our local library has a bag of books sale. Fill a bag for 2 bucks and it is always a great time. I take off work to make it to these things. Anyway, I have decided to start plowing through my last set of acquisitions and this one wa first.
I sarted reading it and it's pretty fascinating.
This fella named Dane is picked up off his sail boat that he is sailing around the world by alien slavers. He is thrown in with a variety of species and when they try to escape they are deemed worthy enough to be sold to these legendary hunters. Dane hooks up with a huge lizard man, a gorgeous empath, a woman who reminds me of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Red Martians and a lethal cat man.
Here's the trick, the hunters are shape changers so they never know who is who they think they are.
Pretty good trick.
Here's the thing;
I was about half way through the book. I had never read this author before. I recognized the name, but never read a book. I decided to wikipedia her.
Yeah, remind me to never do that again.
After  slogging through the child molestation charges and her monster of a husband I was a little shaken.
I finished the book and liked it, but I think I would never bother revisitng this aprticular beast of a human's writing again.
I have to stay off of Wikipedia.  

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