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Over the years I have professed my love for all things Something Weird Video. They put things out that you will never see anywhere else. My one time trying to contact them they were assholes, but I have put that behind me and continue to enjoy their product.
This time it's a triple bill of kink with some extra kink as well.
Sit back and relax. This could take a minute.

First up is the title flick, ONE SHOCKING MOMENT. I was especially curious as Gary Kent, a friend of Pete Chiarella's was in it. Directed by the one and only Ted. V. Mikels, this is the sordid tale of Cliff (Gary Kent) and Mindy (Lee Anna) who have moved to a new city for a new job for Cliff. Going to the West coast from Grand Rapids, Michigan is a big shock. Especially for Cliff who can't get enough of all the barely dressed denizens of the City of Angels.
Pretty soon it's drinking parties and Mindy comes to love the liquor. Especially when bi sexual dominatrix, Tanya (Verne' Martine) is serving up big helpings of Grog.
This was a fun little pot boiler with the typical amounts of drama and luxurious nudity that I have come to expect of these exploitation flicks of this time period. Shot in 1965 black and white there are some scenes where a car travels down a busy, dark city street and all you can see are the lights. It is a gorgeous portrayal of a city that doesn't exist anymore.

Here's a taste;

Next up is THE ABNORMAL FEMALE which disguises itself in a thin cloak of respectability as a doctor tells of women who come to see him and tell him of their kinky troubles. Group Sex, lesbianism and S&M are paraded soft core style across the screen for us as the doctor narrates the perversions of the female animal. It is obvious that this is one of those films where they added the narration later and didn't tell the actors no one would hear them speak. The women are all very nice and have that all natural look that ran wild in the year 1969.
There is a scene in a bar where two sisters are picking up men. The bar has that old school, wood paneled look to it and the dance floor has this huge window that looks out into reality. For a brief moment you see what 1969 looks like more than any documentary can manage. You have these people just trying to make a few bucks with a titty movie and the people who pass by have no idea whatsoever. That's one of the things I love about these movies. That whole time capsule look to it.

I love this song;

Before we get to the last feature there are trailers for films like THE BIZARRE ONES and SCARE THEIR PANTS OFF. If that wasn't enough, we get a little loop called PUNISHMENT PARTY. Yeah, it's girls in next to nothing doing some fake whipping and spanking. It is funny with the music they chose, but runs a little long and gets dull after a while.

Finally we end up with MAIDENS OF FETISH STREET. From 1966 and also known as THE GIRLS ON F STREET, this might be the oddest of the group. Some of the more interesting things are the arty shots couple with some of the most bizarre narration I have ever heard. We get the story of Nick who goes to a house of fetish where he whips and is whipped and helps girls with their bath and gets molasses and ants poured over him. Yeah, it's that kind of movie.
Of the three of them this one is the most interesting. With the odd narration, quirky camera work and Ken McCormick as Nick in his only film role, MAIDENS OF FETISH STREET get the prize in this packed DVD.

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