Monday, March 18, 2013

LIONMAN (1975)

Or, it's original title ASLAN ADAM, LIONMAN tells the tale of a King who's kingdom is overthrown just as his wife has gone into labor. He manages to stop the hordes from following her long enough to give birth in the woods, but it is too much for her and she dies. Her child is raised by lions and he becomes the Lionman of legend.
Soon, his path crosses with the evil king's son and they develop a bond regardless of what has happened.
Then the truth is revealed and along with a band of rebels they attack the evil king, bent on destroying him and wrestling control of the kingdom that he stole so many years ago/
 I was rereading the awesome Pete Tombs book, Mondo Macabro and thought this looked like something right down my alley. You know, a dark, seedy, foreign kind of alley.
I couldn't have been more right.
The lead Lionman spends more than half of the movie saying nothing and kicking ass. He didn't know how to talk until the pretty rebel girl teaches him. His claw like hands shreds the faces of all who oppose him.
I have to say that there is so much action in this movie. Lionman spends most of it springing through the air and you only really see the trampoline once.
It doesn't ruin the fact that this movie just goes and goes and goes. The final battle scene I swear he slaughters hundreds of guys. Or the same eight guys a lot. The blood flows, Lionman leaps through the air and vengeance is achieved.
If this is any indication of my journey through the madness of Mondo Macabro and it's pages then I am in for one heck of a ride.

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Bernando said...

WHy have i never heard about this before.... just added to my "nned to watch list"


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