Friday, December 23, 2011


So, there I was bored and unemployed, scrolling through the unwieldy Netflix app on my Wii. I spotted this thing and it wasn't the dragons that got my attention. It was the Templars. USually, I just watch these things to see how badly they get it wrong.
Luckily for me, that didn't happen.
Dragon Crusaders tells of a small band of Templar Knights. I assume since they are on the run from the king's men that this is the king of France and it's shortly after the trials for heresy. Our intrepid band of holy men have been on the run for while.
Then they come across a village being attacked by pirates. What they don't know is that the pirates have captured a cute little witch and locked her aboard their ship. She has begun a chant of a curse that says that if a man has spilled blood and sets foot on the deck of the ship they will become gargoyles.
Fortunately, our Templars are pure of heart, well, sort of. None of them change immediately, but they will change. Unless, they can find the sorcerer that penned the grimoire that the witch took the curse from. Yeah, that would be The Black Dragon and when he's not a wizard, he's a dragon and he has more dragons to boot.
With the odds stacked against them the Templars, the witch and a fighting maiden Aerona who has sworn to protect the withc make their way to the lair of The Black Dragon.
I really expected nothing of this, but with Cecily Fay as Aerona who makes Xena look like a girl scout and Dylan Jones as the leader of the Templars, John. This became a movie that took its 90 minute running time and ran with it.
Sure, you could complain about the CGI, but it's no different from the rubber monsters when I was a kid. This is more than effects. This is a group of people who have sworn an oath to defeat this curse and nothing will stop them from accomplishing this task.
In other words, this was a good movie. I hear about The Asylum and how people talk down about them, but this was well done. They used some great locations to make it work and the acting was spot on.
Dragon Crusaders is one of those movies I'm glad I took a chance on and will tell everyone they should check it out.

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