Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Think Geek Holster

See that thing right above this? Pretty cool, huh? It's a Geek Holster. It goes around your waist and leg. You can get a right sided or left sided one. Or both for the uber geek. The lovely Martha got me one of these for my birthday this year. My birthday is June 25th.
I'm going to wait while you do the math to see how long I've had this thing.
Now, I am certainly no man of action, constantly on the go. I'm pretty sure we can all agree on this. I do ride my bike, take the stairs whenever possible and things like that while wearing the holster. But, it ain't like I'm a full time stunt man or firefighter or something.
In the short period of time that I have had it the Velcro on the larger pocket is gone. Just gone. The smaller pocket is also starting to go. That one worries more because there is no back up locking strap like on the larger pocket.
I wrote to Think Geek and told them of my plight. They agreed to an exchange if I supplied them with the receipt and various other information.
I do not have any of this stuff.
For $39.99 plus shipping I thought this would be a higher end kind of product. Sadly, I am mistaken.
Originally I was going to post this on my Dougservations blog, but then I considered something.
More people read this one. If I want the most people to get this valuable information on a product that I have raved about, this was the logical place to do that.
So, in conclusion, the Think Geek Holster is a cheap, piece of poorly made crap.
Don't bother.

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