Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Thing: Some Thoughts On The New Film

I love The Thing. For the juvenile amongst you, insert your snicker here. I have read the John W. Campbell story. The original with James Arness as a giant, malevolent carrot still gives me the creeps.

I have seen the John Carpenter version more times than most people would admit and it is probably one of my favorite flicks. The Playstation 2 video game plays like an epic sequel to the film.
In other words; I Love The Thing. If you need to snicker again, now would be an appropriate time.

So, this sequel/prequel thingie.
What about that?
Well, they aren't trying to make a duplicate of the Carpenter flick so, that's a good thing, right?
Kind of.
See, with a prequel we already know what's going to happen. The Norwegian camp is a charred husk in the beginning of Carpenter's flick. Heck, it's an abandoned wasteland in Howard Hawk's original vision. None of the people in this flick are going to make it out alive.
And, if they do, then it's a cheat.
An unforgivable cheat.
All that being said; Am I going to see this flick?
Yeah, probably.
The true downside of the movie will be it's reliance on CGI effects. Rob Bottin's spectacular, practical effects didn't need it. Sure, they didn't exist, but I'd like to think he wouldn't have used them.
Now, why would I watch it?

Here's your reason:

I doubt she's going to show much skin, but I like her in whatever she's in. Death Proof, Scott Pilgrim...you get the idea.
Besides, it doesn't violate my rules of remakes and I love a good horror flick in the ice and cold. I think it's because I live in Michigan.
Go figure.

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Dr Blood said...

I'll be watching it for the same reason. ;)


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