Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The computer snafus with video are still present so, I decided to write this column instead. For some of you, it will be a rehash, of sorts. For others. Nothing but newness. Get it! Okay!
My first encounter with LBP was a movie sent to me for review entitled MULVA:ZOMBIE ASS KICKER. It came with a second feature entitled FILTHY MCNASTY. The cover has the lovely Lilith Stabs holding the biggest damned gun I have ever seen.
What can I say? I was hooked.
Then I watched the movie.
Who the Hell was this troglodyte calling herself Mulva? Where was the hottie? Why did it look like it was shot in my back yard? All these questions kind of left me in a state to not appreciate the movie at all. I wrote it off and watched the second one.
FILTHY MCNASTY explained it to me. It told me of a young lad named Chris Seaver who took all that was good in the world from like minded individuals like Kevin Smith and John Waters and added an insane riff that can only be explained as being Seaver like. With this knowledge I went back to Mulva ready to give it another chance.
Liked it? I loved it? To turn a Seaver phrase.
I think the next thing I saw was CARNAGE FOR THE DESTROYER.
Oh my glorious God I was hooked.
I started watching whatever I could get my hands on. All I needed to know was that Seaver was making it and it would be good.
I laughed to the antics of TEENAPE GOES TO CAMP, SKI WOLF, all the Heather and Puggly movies. I developed a crush on Meredith Host that any red blooded nerd lover couldn't help getting. I mean come on! Red head, smart, funny and a seriously foul mouth? What's not to love?
I had the fortune of going to Genghis Con 2:The Wrath of Con where I met Chris and his cohorts for the first time. Meredith was there. Casey Bowker. Mr and Mrs. Maestro. It was awesome.
It was there that I explained to Chris that my youngest, Dan The Man, was his biggest fan. Chris was shocked that Dan was even allowed to watch his movies, but he took my cell phone and called Dan and, in his best Bonejack voice, talked to my son.
Yeah, because film makers do that all the time, right? Yeah, I didn't think so.
There is actually a line in TEENAPE GOES TO CAMP that I won't mention here, that makes me laugh for about twenty minutes everytime I hear it. I won't go into it here, but trust me, it's very funny.
Over the years I have seen Chris at Cinema Wasteland and he's just one of the guys. I got to hang in his room with the magnificent Travis Indovina and Heather Maxon and watch DEATHBONE for the first time. Watching a director's work in his hotel room? This is epic. The guys and I hung out, there was a photo op and all was great with the world. I also managed to score some discs I didn't have.
When we went to the end of LBP bash recently I realized that I hadn't watched an LBP movie in a while. I didn't know what was wrong with me. Everytime I watch one I laugh. Even the one that doesn't do a lot for me, FILM CREW, has earned my respect and I put it in proper rotation. 
Chris Seaver gives us some smart and witty comedy that has no qualms about heading right for the short and curlies. He uses the same actors and we love him for it. He has a weird continuity ion his LBPverse that works in its own wonky way.
So, why had I stopped watching them?
No idea, but I rectified that problem by starting again. In the past week I think I've rewatched about five of them and have no intention of slowing down. Why should I? They are fun, well written and have people I have seen more than some of my relatives...ever.
Now, hopefully the issues with the computer will soon be resolved. Soon GEEK WAR will get the release it so rightly deserves and I will continue going on with my life properly spiced with that we know as Low Bugdet Pictures.
I leave you with this;

Sends shivers down your spine doesn't it.

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