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Also known as The Exotic Ones, this is one of the Ormonds classics. Who are The Ormonds you may ask? The husband and wife team of Ron and June made pictures that would amaze and shock you, but none more than this little epic.

Seems there's this strip club in New Orleans called Nemo's. Nemo's has the best strippers in town and everyone knows it. But, the place ain't making no dough. That's when they get the idea of going into the swamps to capture this swamp creature that is tearing up the locals and their livestock. They hire a local named Tim to help them and they get the beast into the club.

All good things must come to an end when the beast escapes.
Sounds a little like King Kong doesn't it? Yeah, then The Ormond touch comes along and gives you things you would never believe. Their headliner stripper Titania is a flexible, fire eating force of nature kind of girl and she isn't real happy with the new talent that Nemo has hired. The Monster isn't real fond of Titania either and lets her know it when he finally escapes.

For a flick made in the 60's this one takes gore to a pretty good level. You see a man get his arm ripped off and beaten to death with it. Titania loses a boob in a bloody mess. Nemo gets his head crushed. There is also a gutted and decapitated calf and The Mosnter rips a chicken to shreds, but neither of those are special effects. The chicken death hearkens back to the carnival geek days and is pretty gruesome.
The beginning and end of the film shows New Orleans with a narrator that sounds like it could have come from a Russ Meyer flick.
Throw in loads of bottom heavy girls with pasties. A really great cat fight and a man playing the biggest harmonica I have ever seen and you know that you are dealing with a classic of cinema.
THE MONSTER AND THE STRIPPER is a must see for any true fan of exploitation cinema. Either watch it or we take away your film lovers card!

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