Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have no idea why I decided to watch this flick. There are multiples web sites warning you that this is a bad movie. I've seen bad movies.
This ain't one of them.
Sure, there is a little padding of the people walking around the island, but I am getting ahead of myself.
First, the plot.
Seems a cruise ship goes down in the ocean in 1920. A lifeboat makes it to an island in the North Atlantic. Why the North Atlantic. I could tell because of the greenery, but I'm sure that it had something to do with it being a low budget flick and everyone lived in Connecticut.

There is one wounded guy who becomes monster chowder pretty early on.
I mentioned the monsters, right?
No, well they are bright red, have white eyes and are eight inches tall. That's right. Eight INCHES. But these little buggers can run like the dickens, have sharp teeth and there are hundreds of them. Add to that the fact that the island has a couple of pools of water that look inviting but are filled with flesh liquefying acid. Yeah, things start looking pretty dire for our folks.

I think that the puppetry in this film was some of the best I have seen with what they were working with. It is awesome to see these little guys leap and run and bite the Hell out of these poor souls. It's a lot of walking, getting attacked, rinse, repeat. But you know what? I'm pretty sure that's what would happen with a boat full of people on an island with some murderous little sumbitches.

ATTACK OF THE BEAST CREATURES might well be the best island full of monsters movie ever made in Connecticut. Heck, maybe even THE WORLD!!!
Attack of the Beast Creatures

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