Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sasquatch Showers

  So, I have recently been Sasquatch obsessed. when my buddy Dan Taylor reviewed Assault Of The Sasquatch I knew that I would have to watch it. It was good.
As I was watching it it got to this scene where a girl is getting ready for the shower and then the Sasquatch creeps in and terrible things happen. In this instance it happens to her yappy dog, but you know what I mean.
The whole thing felt familiar.
I recalled The Polonia Bros. feature Among Us. Sure enough there was a Sasquatch with a girl in a shower sequence.
Hmmm, the plot thickens.
Yesterday I watched Abominable and sure enough a scene with a Sasquatch attacking a girl in the shower.
Abominable ws the one that made it click for me. Usually when a girl, or even a guy for that matter, take a bath they use soap, shampoo and other smelly things. In all three cases we have a Sasquatch which is believed to be nocturnal. They rely on senses like smell and hearing to navigate through their nightly routine. It seems that the barrage of strong odors that would emanate from a shower would drive a Sasquatch in the opposite direction.

Or, the film makers are thinking; We could really use some tits to sell this flick. Have the monster attack the girl in the shower. For all three flicks The Polonias did it first so they get the credit for the concept. Of course since it is The Polonias they are the only one to do it nude free. Go figure.
I have included clips from two of the three movies to illustrate what I am talking about here. I couldn't do the Abominable clip because the lovely and talented Ms. Tiffany Shepis has a horrible time in films keeping her clothes on for any length of time.

And one last thing:

Why does the monster in Abominable look like Jack Elam?


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