Monday, October 25, 2010


I have no idea why I watched this flick. I think for no other reason than it was an 80's slasher flick and an unhealthy, nonsexual obsession with Louise Lasser.
So, there are these twin boys in the back of a station wagon at the drive in with their mom and her boyfriend. Mom (Louise Lasser) and the boy toy are soon necking and the boys are bored. They wander through the drive in and come across a hatchet in the back of a truck and then a couple making out. The evil twin, Terry, plants that sucker in the guy's head while he's getting a little action. Then he takes the hatchet, gives it to his brother Todd and wipes blood on him before screaming bloody murder. With this flimsy evidence, Todd is placed in an asylum.
Ten years later, it is Thanksgiving and Todd is starting to remember things. Things like he didn't kill anyone, but he knows who did.

I'm gonna need that machete back, Thanks!

Time to head home.
Mom and Terry are informed of Todd's escape and Terry is elated. Time to go on a killing spree and blame it on his twin brother! Joy!

Ding Dong! Machete Man is here!

For a slasher flick, this isn't bad. Plenty of T&A, plenty of gore. Louise Lasser brings her twitchy A game to the proceedings.
But there was something that stuck in my craw. and if you're unfamiliar with where your craw is located, make a comment and I'll be sure to post an answer. Anyway, the grown up version of Terry and Todd. I knew it was one actor, no big deal there. But why did he look so familiar/
I checked.

Well, never BBQ with this guy.

In the film The World According To Garp he's the college student that Robin Williams wife is fooling around with until she bites his dick off in the driveway.

There's your naked for this column.

Anyway, the end of this movie is just a hoot and while we see it coming the characters don't and it has a great 80's feel to it.
One thing though. With all the holiday films released in the 80's, why not truss this one up like a Thanksgiving turkey and trot it out for people to watch. New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Graduation Day, Halloween, April Fool's Day amongst a slew of others did alright for themselves. This one already had two titles going in, one more wouldn't hurt.

Louise Lasser in an award winning performance

Someone needs to find an original print, track down some actors and retitle this sucker Thanksgiving Day. Since Eli Roth isn't giving us his holiday shocker any time soon, it would be perfect.  

Blood Rage

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