Monday, October 4, 2010

Cinema Wasteland Initial Report

Another great weekend held by the Kish family in Strongsville just south of Cleveland.
First thing, director Bill Zebub hands me a card promoting his new movie, Zombie Christ. It has a naked nun with a shaved cooter on it. Always fun to start the convention with a bang.
Handed out copies of my chapbook, Attack Of The Creatures From The Unknown, to various guests and Tom Sullivan, Effects Guru, let me get a signed print of one of his pics. Very cool.
Met Herschell Gordon Lewis and he signed my book that I have owned since 1983.
At the A Ghastlee Night At The Movies I got a free t shirt, participated in the birth of The Son Of C'thulu, won the trivia contest and got free passes to the April Show and did a sing along with H.G. Lewis to the theme song from his flick 2000 Maniacs.
Watched a small Asian woman crush ten beer cans, five at a time, with her cooter. Yes, her cooter.
Hung out with Gore DeVol.
Met Joey Smack.
Got a few DVDs.
Bought t shirts for all my children and Martha.
Got a lot of cool freebies.
Chatted with the always delightful Ruby LaRocca.
And much more!

Video to follow in the near future. 

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